Pink Peachez Hair Products

by L&L Phat Do’s Beauty

Pink Peachez Hair Products

by L&L Phat Do’s Beauty

The Pink PeacheZ® EZ Braiding System was beautifully crafted by a stylists who values time and wish to inspire others to grow. It is a well designed system to significantly reduce braiding time, build clientele and increase daily revenue! 

The Pink PeacheZ® EZ Braiding System can be used as a stand alone unit or as a portable option and comes in two sizes for your convenience. It is the perfect addition to your current tools of the trade! 

Reclaim your time and add more clients to your schedule by being fully prepared upon their arrival. Simply preload  hair in advance, braid hair continuously without frequent stops to open new product, and complete styles hours faster! The more you prepare, the less time you will spend on your braiding services! Utilize all pegs to accommodate extensive installs or two stylist’s may use simultaneously to service from opposite sides! 

All-in-one braiding system, Mini $199.99
All-in-one braiding system, Deluxe Model $499.99

Mini: (shown natural stained)

Braiding made E-Zier with this system. Helps you save time by providing the ability to separate a variety of hairs before the client arrives. Whether the customer is receiving braids or crochets, pegs firmly hold each individual strand. System is Equipped with (2) hooks to hold excess hair, (2) dowel rods to pre-braid for buns or updos.

Deluxe Model: (shown in pink)

Possesses the same features as the Mini with the addition of (3) drawer storage space. (1) Small drawer allows you to store combs, brushes, scissors, latch hooks, spatulas, gels, creams, curling irons and so forth.
(2) large drawers to store all excess braiding hair and/oradditional equipment to support your station whilemaintaining a clean and organized work area.

All drawers are accessible from two sides. Choice of knobs or handles are available. System is mobile due to the use of heavy duty caster wheels.
Choose from (4) Color Stains Natural, Black, White or Mahogany.
Custom stains are available upon request for an additional charge.
Choose from (4) knobs may slightly differ depending upon what is in stock.

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