All styles include shampoo, conditioner
and leave in conditioners


Basic Styles

a simple style such as a wrap, body wrap, roller set, or finger waves.


Stuffed Twists

twists with hair added it to give a more full look.


Flat Ironing

the art of straightening or curling the hair with a flat iron


Marcel Curling

art of curling hair with thermal irons heated with cast iron stove (old school).



molded into a ponytail style sculptured to your head or hanging, can be soft or hard set.


2 Strand Twist

twists on natural hair taking 2 strands of hair twisting together to form a braid.



the art of braiding strands of hair to stand alone or on the scalp in a neat uniform way to create a fashionable style.



sculptured/molded into a style such as French rolls, ponytails or anything hard that doesn’t move can be molded with variety of styles.


Non Surgical Hair Replacement

applying hair to a bald or thinning area without a surgical procedure.


Cold waves/Perms

alkaline perms using waving lotions and neutralizer to give permanent curls to the hair by rolling them on perm rods often used to give natural flat hair body and curls.


Silk Press

to flat iron hair then wrapping the hair up, then sit under the dryer for a few minutes to give it the extra body and bounce.


Weaving (Sew-ins)

the art of adding wefts to hair by sewing it to a braid or micro links or interlocking to add fullness or length or both.


Chemical Relaxers

chemicals used to permanently straighten your natural curl pattern into a straight form this does break your natural curl pattern and bonds in your hair.


Weaving (Bonding)

the art of adding wefts by bonding tracks in between your natural hair to add fullness or length or both.



hairpieces used to improve clients appearance, can be used to cover baldness or damage hair or for medical reasons due to health problems can be used for fashion to change her every day look or practically for flexibility or ease of style of change if you had long hair and was debating on cutting your hair short before you made the drastic cut you can know how it would look before hand by wearing a wig.


Keratin Treatment

Product that’s applied to her to give the versatility to wear your natural hair or it straight without breaking any bonds (will last up to 4 months).


Quick Weaving

to bond hair on a stocking cap or by using protective molded cap which is molded to your head, then you cut and style it as if it was your own.

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